Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The ASEAN-China Free Trade Area (AC-FTA) poses a serious threat to numerous people`s industries in Indonesia, a students movement spokesman said here on Saturday.

“It is a serious problem that needs special management. We should not focus our attention only on acts to save a small bank like Bank Century from a difficult situation, while ignoring the security of the people`s industries at home,” Indonesian National Students Movement (GMNI) Center Presidium chairman Cokro Wibowo said.

He made the statement to respond to the pros and cons on the implementation of AC-FTA since January 1, 2010 while the domestic people`s industries were still unprepared to face the free trade area.

“The ASEAN China-Free Trade Area including Indonesia is feared to cause a systematic de-industrialization in the country,” Cokro Wibowo said.

He said he was afraid that besides causing people`s industries in the villages to go bankrupt, the AC-FTA would in the long run also cause massive layoffs and kill business opportunities for the people at large.

“We know that before the implementation of AC-FTA, inexpensive products from China already inundated markets down to village level in Indonesia . Is this not a serious threat?”, he asked.

Therefore, Cokro Wibowo on behalf of GMNI asked the government, especially the Trade Ministry and related House of Representatives` Commissions to take positive measures to enforce national economic sovereignty.

Meanwhile, Fayakhun Andriadi, a member of the Golkar faction in the House Commission-I said on a separate occasion that mismanagement in the free trade area cooperation could have a negative impact on economic growth and economic justice for the people in Indonesia.

“The AC-FTA for me is like a time bomb, because it can become a serious problem in the future,” said the young politician from the Golkar party.(*)