JAKARTA, Aug. 22 (Xinhua) — Consumers in Southeast Asia (SEA) are highly influenced by online advertising, particularly if the content is specifically targeted, or if their friends have also engaged with the product or brand, according to a recent worldwide survey by leading global information and measurement company, Nielsen, in a statement on Monday.

Findings from the study reveal that close to three quarters (73 percent) of SEA consumers are’highly or’somewhat’ influenced by standard website advertisements on social media sites, with this number increasing to 80 percent if the advertisement has social context which shows which of their friends have liked or followed the advertised brand.

In addition, when asked how they feel about online advertising which was targeted at them based on previous purchases or websites visited, the majority of consumers in Southeast Asia (74 percent) said that this technique ‘makes their lives easier, in comparison to only 58 percent globally.

This opinion is significantly higher among consumers in the Philippines and Vietnam, with 83 percent and 82 percent respectively agreeing or strongly agreeing with this statement.

“SEA consumers’trust in and attitudes towards online advertisements, particularly with their positive sentiment towards targeted content, provides myriad opportunities for companies to engage with their target audience,” states Nielsen’s Asia, Pacific, Middle East and Africa (APMEA) Region Managing Director of Advertising Solutions David Webb.