2011 Aug 30
August 30, 2011

ASEAN to support global development

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A Trade Fair as well as a signing ceremony of friendship between Liujiang county and Pingxiang were officially held on May 24, making Liujiang the first county in Guangxi to set up relations with Pingxiang Federation of Industry and Commerce.

The Vietnamese trade delegation, a group of 29 people, paid a visit to the county with purchasing intentions worth of 5 million yuan on industrial products made in Liujiang on June 14. The county is accelerating foreign trade under ASEAN’s zero export tariff treatment.

“Last year our export value exceeded 500 million yuan. This year that figure is expected to increase by 100 million yuan,” a County Federation of Industry and Commerce official said. A new round of regional economic cooperation has taken place in Liujiang this year – the first year of the 12th five-year plan period.

Accumulating strength for further development

In recent years, Liujiang county has strived to become China’s top auto parts supporting base, seizing the opportunities of Liuzhou’s industrial expansion and the industrial gradient transfer in eastern coastal areas, At the end of 2010, there were 570-plus industrial enterprises, including 151 medium-sized enterprises worth 29 billion yuan, making it the hub for national and global brands, such as Liugong Mechinary, AVIC, Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile, Sinotruk and China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group..

Automobile and auto parts supporting industries, in particular, formed an industrial chain of auto parts majoring in nearly a thousand kinds of products in engine, stamping, springs, among others. According to initial estimates, the county’s auto parts products account for 10 percent of the required amount by the three major engine makers in Liuzhou city. With the supporting manufacturers of Beijing Foton, Hainan Mazda, FAW Hongta Yunnan and others, an auto parts industry cluster begins to take shape. At the same time, the strengthening of strategic cooperation among main engine makers has laid a sound foundation for actively participating in global sourcing and overseas competitions in the parts industry.

Leverage the ASEAN for marketplace

Along with the establishment of China-AEAN integration, the economic globalization with its irresistible trend of momentum is felt in Liujiang. The county grasps the opportunity of the annual China-ASEAN Expo to actively organize enterprises participating in a variety of economic and trade activities as well as matching and partnering businesses. In addition to attending the Expo, it is also actively encouraging enterprises to “go abroad”. Since 2008, more than 40 enterprises have been organized five times in the past to go to Vietnam, Indonesia, Iran and other countries to take part in industrial products marketing activities organized by Guangxi autonomous region or Liuzhou city. Meanwhile, the county has continued to increase regional cooperation. Its cooperation with Pingxiang and Dongxing has continued since 2007. In early May last year, at the invitation of Dongxing Federation of Industry and Commerce, enterprises from Liujiang joined a Dongxing delegation in participating in Halong Bay trade fairs in Vietnam. At the end of October, another 12 companies attended commodity fairs in Dongxing co-hosted by cities of Dongxing and Vietnamese Mong Cai. –( www.chinadaily.com.cn )