JAKARTA, Jan 17 (Bernama) — The Indonesian representative in the Asean Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR) Rafendi Djamin said the Asean human rights would be declared in November 2012.

“Most probably in November. Now it is still in the stage of making a reference framework and will be discussed in February,” Antara News Agency quoted Rafendi on Monday.

He said the Asean Human Rights Declaration is not as originally scheduled in 2011. But at the request of Asean ministers, it has been delayed until January 2012.

The making of a declaration had been delayed because it was feared it would take too long. In June last, a group for making a reference framework had been set up comprising 10 Asean members,” he said.

The former human rights formulator also said that the reference framework had been made. Early in January 2012, the group managed to make an initial reference framework.

“It is this reference framework that we will discuss in eight meetings. We were hoping the first reference framework would be made in the ASEAN ministerial meeting in July next,” he said.

The upcoming declaration he said must be as the existing principles, giving an added value.

“It should not become worsened than an international human rights standard, worse than an international human rights standard. We will see that the principles be maintained,” he said.

AICHR consists of 10 commissioners each representing the 10 Asean member countries.

Some of the issues facing the making of the Declaration included migrant workers, violence against women, political participation of women, discrimination in law and policies, and and economic rights.