REVAMP: They will work in 4 categories as part of 2017 road map, says Indonesian labour attache

KUALA LUMPUR: THE live-out maid plan is part of Indonesia’s “Zero Domestic Worker Road Map to 2017” scheme targeted at producing formal workers for the sector.

The labour attache to the Indonesian Embassy here, Agus Triyanto, said under the plan, Indonesian house maids sent overseas, including Malaysia, would come in four formal categories.

He told the New Straits Times: “We will change the status of house maids by allowing them to serve as housekeepers, cooks, babysitters or caregivers.

“In this way, the maids will have a clear and formal status and their interest will be guaranteed under official work contracts.”

Agus said these domestic sector workers would be trained in accordance with the International Labour Organisation requirements to equip them with the required skills.

He said as formal workers, the domestic workers will be paid in accordance with the minimum wage policy of the country where they were employed. He said these domestic workers would be housed in hostels provided by employment agencies and commute to and from their workplace just like other formal workers.

Agus said the Indonesian government had written to the Human Resources Ministry on its “road map to 2017” scheme.

He said the Indonesian embassy had received a letter from the Malaysian Maid Employers Association (Mama), stating that it wanted to cooperate with the embassy to bring Indonesian maids to Malaysia.

“Mama informed us that it has been given the authority by the ministry to act as facilitator to bring in maids and about its pilot project.

“We are agreeable as long as it follows what is stipulated in the amended memorandum of understanding signed in 2011 between Malaysia and Indonesia.

“This includes offering the maids a RM700 monthly wage and weekly day off.”

Mama has embarked on a pilot project to bring in an initial batch of 50 Indonesian maids, at a cost of RM5,995 each.

Its president, Engku Ahmad Fauzi Engku Muhsein, said Mama was working with two local maid agencies and two maid agencies in Indonesia for the project.

Agus said if the project proved a success, Mama should hand over the responsibility of bringing in the maids to maid agencies on both sides. –R. SITTAMPARAM |

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