2014 Mar 21
March 21, 2014

ASEAN youth get together

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Burma hosted the ASEAN Youth Forum (AYF), just one of the many activities during its year long tenure as ASEAN chair. The forum from March 17 to 20 at Rangoon (Yangon) University attracted over 200 people from the ASEAN countries.

ASEANThinzar Shunlei Yi, AFY organizer, explained as the 10 ASEAN countries move forward on plans to become “one community”, youth from these countries must also get together “through people-centered development”.

Forum attendees discussed peace, democracy, health, environment, education, in relation to youth.

During the opening ceremony, Min Ko Naing, the 88 generation leader, urged participants to create a society valuing human rights, democracy and education.

President Thein Sein sent a message asking for help in making reforms in the country a reality. He also asked for youth to share ideas, suggesting the creation of center where youth leaders can gather information for the improvement of the economy and standard of life.

ASEAN countries face many challenges during their transition to globalization, and it can’t be solved alone, said the president. To benefit from globalization, we need to be united. This reduces the challenges and dangers as much as possible. To achieve positive results, we need to build friendships with the other ASEAN countries. We need to work cooperatively with them, Thein Sein said, pointing out the importance of events like the AYF for ASEAN’s future.

Twenty youth were selected from the forum to participate in the ASEAN submit scheduled for May, according to Ko Htet Swe Win, AYF in-charge. –IMNA NEWS – INDEPENDENT MON NEWS AGENCY