2015 Jul 21
July 21, 2015

ATUC in the ASEAN Triangle Project

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Better terms and treatment of migrant workers contribute to improvement of wages and working conditions for all workers. Ensuring the protection of migrants’ rights is essential to achieve Decent Work for all men and women. In 2012, the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development launched the Tripartite Action for the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Migrant Workers in the ASEAN Region (known as the ASEAN TRIANGLE Project (ATP)) to help promote and protect the rights of migrant workers.

ATUC’s engagement in the ATP is in line with ATUC’s Work Programme 2010-2015/16. Five of the nine ATUC programme areas are addressed: ASEAN labour, fair globalization and free trade agreements (FTAs); The Global Jobs Pact and the Social Protection Floor; migrant workers, including trafficking; coherence between ILO conventions and national laws; and youth employment and elimination of child labour.

ATUC activities and programs in the ATP build on initiatives and engagements of ATUC affiliates in various migrant labor issues. ATUC has integrated these migrant-related initiatives to broaden the impact and improve the situation of migrant workers in ASEAN.

Main activities will be based on a position paper and four research studies on labor migration looking into what countries, institutions and social partners have done on (1) ASEAN Community 2015, (2) trade union cooperation on migrant workers’ protection, (3) ratification and application of ILO Conventions 143 on Migrant Workers and 189 on Domestic Workers, (4) social protection floor for migrant workers, and (5) reintegration programs for migration in ASEAN. Regional dissemination forums to present the results of these studies will facilitate discussions on ATUC strategy and policy on migrant workers, including an ATUC Framework for Protection of Migrant Workers, and interventions at the sub-regional/national levels.

ATUC has been engaged in other non-ATUC activities in the ATP, including in the tripartite meetings. ATUC will engage the ASEAN Confederation of Employers (ACE) to work together on common concerns related to migration and other labor matters.

ATUC and its affiliates will review results of research studies and dissemination forums, assess the status of project implementation, take stock of challenges and lessons learned, and apply learnings to various ASEAN campaigns.