Jakarta. Indonesian job seekers are willing to leave the country for job offers mainly because their current work is not challenging enough or because they can make more money overseas, a survey by international job portal JobStreet.com revealed.

According to the survey published on Thursday (07/04), 4,000 out of 4,600 job seekers from Indonesia are willing to leave the country immediately. JobStreet did not reveal the survey’s methods.

2,500 of the respondents said they were not happy with their current jobs due to lack of job variation and lack of opportunities to develop new skills. These are important factors in building a career, according to 2,100 respondents who have spent between five and 15 years working for the same company.

“There were 2,400 respondents who said they were willing to work overseas if they were offered a bigger salary. The opportunity to develop a career is also a big factor for 1,200 respondents. More challenging jobs are desired by 1,000 respondents in this survey, they say it would motivate them to be happier at work,” a statement from JobStreet.com said.

Still, 600 respondents said they intended to stay in the country due to various reasons, including feeling comfortable with their current workplace an feeling they still have much to learn in their line of work.

According to Indonesia’s Central Statistics Agency (BPS), the country has 122.4 million people of working age as of August 2015, 7.6 million of whom are unemployed.

The Asian Development Bank predicted last year that unemployment in the country would soar this year due to businesses’ inability to absorb a huge number of people entering the job market on the back of economic slowdown.

Asean countries have allowed freer movement of high-skilled workers between their member countries since the beginning of this year, opening ample opportunities for Indonesian workers to seek overseas jobs.

About 3.7 million Indonesians work overseas, most of them domestic workers in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Source: http://jakartaglobe.beritasatu.com/business/indonesian-job-seekers-eager-find-jobs-overseas-survey-finds/