The Myanmar ASEAN Youth Organization will hold events focused on the development of education and the environment in its 2016-18 strategic plan, Myanmar branch president Ko Min Waiyan Win Ko said yesterday.

“We will cooperate with the government when we implement the strategic plan, especially when it comes to environmental and educational development,” he said.

The organisation is open to male volunteers aged 17 to 40, with committee members being 18 to 35.

“We plan to start a two-month rainforest project as part of the environmental mission by cooperating with the local, concerned organisations in Myanmar,” said ASEAN Youth Organization president Senjaya Mulia.

The organisation hopes to facilitate volunteer experiences, youth empowerment, education, and institutional and civic responsibilities, he said.

The borders of its membership do not end with ASEAN member countries; Japan and Australia are involved as well.

The ASEAN Youth Organization was founded in August 2011 and was reformed in 2013. Today, there are 150 committee members and 3000 volunteers.

The committee forming the Myanmar ASEAN Youth Organization is still small – 10 members – but recruitment starts next month, said organisation secretary Ko Zaw Lunn Naung. Interested members can fill out an online form, he said.

The Myanmar ASEAN Youth Organization attended an entrepreneurship training in June with Enactus Canada, the Youth Empowerment Project and ASESEC, a Spanish economic organisation. By Aung Kyaw Min, 16 August 2016