Cambodia: Confusion around the lift of the domestic workers ban in Malaysia
Almost six years after Cambodian maids were banned from working in Malaysia, the Labour Ministry said it was finalising a long-delayed plan to lift the restriction. Some parts of the deal were still under discussion at that time. Despite the ban, Cambodians continue going to Malaysia seeking domestic work. On May 25, Malaysian media started to announce the ban had been lifted. However, the Labour Ministry did not say the ban was over while Labour Ministry Secretary of State Othsman Hassan, said the ban was lifted in January. Pin Vireak, director of the Association of Cambodian Recruitment Agencies, also said the ban was lifted in January.
Singapore: Construction Authority seeks to cut number of foreign workers
The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) plans to cut the number of foreign workers by nearly a third by 2020. Meanwhile, it will ensure that quality is not compromised, and is set to tighten the rules on building facade maintenance. BCA chief executive Dr John Keung said it is part of continuing efforts to “reshape” the sector’s workforce towards greater productivity. About 300,000 foreign workers are employed in the construction sector. “Whoever is left… will be the higher-skilled workers,” said Dr Keung.
Vietnam: Subsidies for poor guest workers
A circular of the finance ministry determines that workers from poor and near- poor households, ethnic minority groups, poor districts and communes with extreme difficulties will be supported under short-term overseas labour contracts. Priority goes to unemployed young people, families and poor women.
Vietnam: Draft Decree on compulsory social insurance for foreign employees working
The Draft Decree detailing and guiding the implementation of the Law on Social Insurance (Draft Decree) has recently been released by the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) for public comment. The Draft Decree provides that as of 1 January 2018, compulsory social insurance will apply to foreign employees working in Vietnam.
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