The Labour Ministry has announced the names of 77 private recruitment agencies approved to select, train and send Cambodian workers to Thailand, Malaysia and Japan.

 “The ministry has issued the list of the recruitment companies to the public in order to protect Cambodian people who wish to work abroad legally,” the statement said.

 The ministry also urged the public to be careful of opportunistic people who might exploit their desire to work abroad, telling citizens to avoid any organisation not on the list.

 The 77 recruitment agencies include Top Manpower, Ung Rithy Group, Philimore Cambodia, Sok Leap Metrey and Phnom Penh Labour Supply, among others.

 Dy Thehoya, a programme officer at labour rights group Central, yesterday welcomed the establishment of the list.

 “Publishing the names of the recruitment agencies is good, but people in rural areas may still struggle to access this information. The ministry needs to broadcast this information in all communities,” he said.

 Mr Thehoya added the name of the companies alone was not enough for people to decide whether to work abroad. He called on the ministry to provide more information on the background of the firms, to help workers make better decisions. 

 “It is good information, but it is not widely broadcast enough and it does not assure the security or safety of workers,” said Mr Thehoya. “Another problem we are worried about is small companies that buy licences from big recruitment firms and open in the provinces. They can recruit workers by collecting money first, then close their doors and flee. The ministry should pay attention to this issue as well.”


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