Malaysia released guidelines on useful laws and practices related to the employment of foreign domestic workers (FDWs). The guidelines were adopted in consultation with Malaysian employers and a team of advisors in a collaboration project between the International Labour Organization and the Malaysian Ministry of Human Resources.

The guidebook underlines giving priority to welfare, rights and protection of foreign domestic workers and their important contribution to the development of the country in three segments. The first segment gives advice on the legal recruitment of FDWs and engagement of private recruitment agencies.

The second segment emphasizes employment practices and the establishment of a positive working relationship with foreign domestic workers. It explains the responsibilities of employers and defines the terms and conditions of work, including working hours, weekly rest day and payment of wages of FDWs.

The third segment of the document discusses issues related to communication, culture and skills training. It provides advice on language barriers, emergencies, hygiene and personal safety.

It also includes a sample employment contract, a directory of useful contact numbers for legal advice and other services, and the regulations on domestic workers and working on rest days.

The guidebook is available for free in English and Bahasa Malaysia on the Human Resources Ministry’s website. By ATUC.