atuc youth women

ASEAN Unions set up the youth and women structure within the ASEAN Trade Union Council (ATUC), elected its officers and members and prepared its work plan during an inception workshop on 14-15 August 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand.

The ATUC youth and women structure will address and promote the concerns of young and women workers in trade unions, ASEAN and elsewhere. Among other things, it seeks to adopt and promote positions on issues relating to youth, gender and equality, for workers in the formal and informal economy, including in the context of labour migration, in ASEAN.

A youth and women assembly with delegates from ATUC affiliates formed the ATUC youth and women committee. The delegates to the assembly elected 12 committee members who in turn elected the committee officers: two co-chairs (one youth, one woman), two vice-chairs (one youth, one woman) and eight substitute officers.

atuc youth women officers

A collaborative and participatory approach identified four key action areas of the work plan: (1) labour migration and migrant workers, (2) organizing and strengthening youth and women representation in trade unions, (3) gender-based violence and occupational safety and health and (4) sustainable development goals (SDGs). The committee will lead the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the work plan.

During the workshop, Bro Maung Maung, ATUC Vice President and President of Confederation of Trade Unions Myanmar (CTUM), encouraged the delegates to be proactive as future leaders amid rapid-changing challenges of the trade union movement in the region and elsewhere. Bro Pong-Sul Ahn, ILO ACTRAV Regional Specialist on Workers’ Activities, emphasized the role of youth and women in addressing various issues facing workers and the support of ACTRAV in building their capacities.

Twenty-four delegates (15 women) represented 13 ATUC affiliates from seven countries in ASEAN plus East Timor in the inception workshop. The ILO TRIANGLE in ASEAN II supported this activity as part of the collaboration with ATUC.