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A new digital platform helps migrant workers resolve their inquiries and complaints about working overseas.

18 December 2018 – To provide migrant workers greater access to justice, the ASEAN Trade Union Council (ATUC) relaunched the ATUC Information System (ATIS) for Migrant Workers during the International Migrants Day.

“ATIS helps migrant workers resolve their inquiries and complaints about working overseas,” said ATUC General Secretary Ruben Torres. “National focal points receive the inquiry or complaint and provide the appropriate information or service or refer the inquirer or complainant to the proper support organization,” added Torres.

This referral system ensures appropriate coordination among other national trade union centres in ASEAN, origin and destination countries, government agencies and civil society and non-government organizations. Using ATIS, the focal point records and tracks action taken on the inquiry or complaint.

ATIS supports the fundamental trade union mission of promoting and protecting the rights of migrant workers. It is accessible to highly vulnerable migrant workers such as workers in construction, agriculture and household workers. “Such workers tend to have limited access to government e-services, or to stay away from such services,” lamented Torres.

The ATIS system was developed with the support of the ILO TRIANGLE in ASEAN. Its use by ATUC is guided by the Action Paper produced with the support of the LO/FTF Council through the International Trade Union Confederation – Asia Pacific (ITUC-AP).

“ATIS is the trade unions’ contribution to ASEAN’s effort to use digital technology in promoting decent work for migrant workers,” ended Torres.

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