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Leaders of the ASEAN Trade Union Council (ATUC) reiterated the primacy of social dialogue among tripartite partners and the genuine engagement of unions at the regional and national levels on issues affecting the world of work in their meeting on 24-25 November 2018 in Nusa Dua Bali, Indonesia.

The meeting discussed the disruptive effect of rapid technological changes on jobs, social responsibility and social accountability as a rights-based approach and not the sole domain of corporate entities, portability of the rights of migrant workers to organize, form or join trade unions and their social protection and deepening trade union engagement in international labour matters.

The leaders adopted the Bali Declaration to guide the efforts of ATUC and its affiliates, as well as its tripartite partners, in promoting trade union solidarity and protecting the rights of all workers, including migrant workers and other vulnerable sectors, in ASEAN.

Among other things, the Declaration recommends the following:

  • Develop or improve capacity of trade unions to deal with technological advances and their implications on the world of work, including their own learning institutions.
  • Uphold the decent work pillars – employment creation, rights at work, social protection and social dialogue – when approaching or engaging with CSR.
  • Deepen trade union engagement in sustainable development processes at various levels based on the 2030 Agenda through awareness events and formulating strategic approach of engagement in SDG processes.
  • Trade unions to enable migrant workers to become members, or at least be represented by the affiliate trade unions, in the country of employment.
  • Continue to push for universal social protection coverage across ASEAN countries, particularly the inclusion of migrant workers in building the concept of social protection floors.
  • Due to increasing involvement of ATUC in ASEAN and ILO meetings and activities, asks accreditation of ATUC as labour dialogue partner in ASEAN.
Left to right: Ms. Michiko Miyamoto, Bali Chief of Police, Bro. Andi Gani Nena Wea, Hon. Muhammad Hanif Dhakiri, Bro. Ruben Torres, Bro. Abdul Halim Mansor

Left to right: Ms. Michiko Miyamoto, Bali Chief of Police, Bro. Andi Gani Nena Wea, Hon. Muhammad Hanif Dhakiri, Bro. Ruben Torres, Bro. Abdul Halim Mansor

In the opening session, Bro. Andi Gani Nena Wea, CAITU/KSPSI President, emphasized trade union unity to protect workers in ASEAN and beyond. Ms. Michiko Miyamoto, ILO Jakarta Director, encouraged extending solidarity to all workers, including migrant workers, among ASEAN countries. Bro. Abdul Halim Mansor, ATUC President, commended the leaders’ readiness to work together toward a people-centred ASEAN Community.

In his opening address, M. Hanif Dhakiri, Minister of Manpower Indonesia, stressed that the government needs cooperation from stakeholders including trade unions and industry to address the challenges of the global job market. Rapid technological advances require transformation and skills improvement for workers to be competitive.

The Confederation of All Indonesia Trade Union (CAITU) – KSPSI hosted the event. Representatives of the recently-formed ATUC Youth and Women Committee participated in the meeting. CAITU/KSPSI leaders from other parts of Indonesia also participated in the opening and morning sessions.