Asean and the European Union have very different social and economic characteristics. Based on GDP, the economic power of the EU is more than nine times that of Asean. The EU began its integration in 1958, long before the Bangkok Declaration of Asean in 1967. But despite the differences, the EU debt crisis may offer.. read more →

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) should “learn from the mistakes” of the crisis-stricken European Union as finance ministers agree to go ahead with the plan to integrate the region’s economy by 2015, the World Bank says. read more →

KUALA LUMPUR: The implications of the European sovereign debt crisis to the Asean region are not likely to be “shallow or short term”, according to Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) senior director Steven CM Wong. Among the options to get out from the crisis is either to cut debt and spending, or get.. read more →