Youth and women in ASEAN unions pushed for a world of work without gender-based violence in mock dialogue sessions with stakeholders. The mock sessions helped put into practice the learnings on advocacy and lobbying from identifying advocacy issues and developing strategies to tailoring advocacy messages to specific audience. The training ended with identifying opportunities and.. read more →

  Decent work indicators, reducing the costs of recruitment, equal access to skills and training opportunities and enabling environment to enjoy full labor rights, including access to justice, are necessary for women migrant workers to benefit from the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). The ASEAN Trade Union Council (ATUC) made these proposals in a session during.. read more →

The future of work is one of the biggest industry buzzwords at the moment. With 260 million hits on Google in May 2017, this only confirms its undeniable relevance. It’s crazy to think that twenty years ago the technology that my startup was built upon did not exist; neither did the flexible work structures, environments,.. read more →

Most of the discussion about the future of work focuses on how many jobs robots will take from humans. But this is just a (small) part of the change to come. As we explained in our previous blog, technology is reshaping the world of work not only by automating production but also by facilitating connectivity.. read more →

The ASEAN Commission on Women and Children ( ACWC ) plans to release a report on women’s rights and gender equality this June, examining the progress and disparities experienced by Southeast Asian women in politics, education, health and the community. Datin Paduka Hjh Intan Kassim, Brunei’s representative to ACWC and chairperson of the human rights.. read more →