Women and girls have borne the brunt of national budget cutbacks in the Asia Pacific region, in the wake of the world economic slowdown. GFC’s devastating impact on Asia-Pacific women and girls (Credit: ABC) .This is according to a report commissioned by PLAN, one of the oldest and largest children’s development organisations in the world. read more →

SINGAPORE: Minister for Foreign Affairs K Shanmugam said he believes ASEAN can overcome the challenge of another global economic crisis. But Mr Shanmugam stressed it’s all the more important ASEAN remains focused on realising the common goal of an ASEAN Community by 2015. Mr Shanmugam was speaking at a reception to celebrate ASEAN Day. read more →

The six major Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) countries have rebounded from the global economic crisis with average expected growth of 7.3 percent this year, and 6 percent over the next five years, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said on Tuesday. read more →

(ILO BANGKOK) – ASEAN countries have rebounded remarkably from the global economic crisis and many are recording pre-crisis economic growth levels. But they face key challenges, including rebalancing growth, improving workforce skills, rebuilding employment and – critically – accelerating productivity to compete with India and China, according to a new International Labour Organization (ILO) report. read more →

Geneva, 4 Feb (Kanaga Raja and Riaz K Tayob) — The World Trade Organization (WTO) has once again claimed that none of the root causes of the global financial crisis, which originated in the United States back in 2007, can be attributed to services trade liberalization as provided for in the General Agreement on Trade.. read more →