MIGRANT workers in Thailand should not be criminalised for reporting abuse and exploitation, a rights watchdog told the Junta government on Wednesday, urging the abolition of the kingdom’s criminal defamation law. Human Rights Watch (HRW), responding to the criminal defamation case against 14 Burmese migrant workers who accused their employer of violating their labour rights,.. read more →

The Labour Ministry has announced the names of 77 private recruitment agencies approved to select, train and send Cambodian workers to Thailand, Malaysia and Japan.  “The ministry has issued the list of the recruitment companies to the public in order to protect Cambodian people who wish to work abroad legally,” the statement said.  The ministry.. read more →

Most of the discussion about the future of work focuses on how many jobs robots will take from humans. But this is just a (small) part of the change to come. As we explained in our previous blog, technology is reshaping the world of work not only by automating production but also by facilitating connectivity.. read more →

China’s economy and reform agenda will get an extra boost if it joins the Trans-Pacific Partnership, argues political commentator Bo Zhiyue. BEIJING: The 11 remaining members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) decided in May to move forward with the trade deal without the United States. But a major issue is whether China should be invited.. read more →

Around 300 Myanmar migrants were arrested in Mae Sot last week as part of a mass crackdown on undocumented laborers, according to local workers’ assistance organizations. On June 1 and 2 officials from the Tak Province Joint Special Police conducted raids on garment factories, construction sites and other work sites in Mae Sot. U Moe.. read more →