Burmese migrants charged with defamation after alleging labour abuses in Thailand’s multimillion-pound poultry export industry. A worker tends to chickens at a poultry farm in Thailand. Photograph: Sukree Sukplang/Reuters A group of Burmese migrants will appear before a Thai court on Wednesday charged with defamation after complaining of labour abuses in Thailand’s multimillion-pound poultry export.. read more →

ASEAN and South Asia are building infrastructure at an unprecedented rate. Anyone who travels the capital cities of this region knows it for a fact. Roads, railroads, bridges, ports and metros. All this construction is transforming the city centres and areas of economic activity, and the lives of 2.4 billion people. It is also connecting.. read more →

Cambodia: Confusion around the lift of the domestic workers ban in Malaysia Almost six years after Cambodian maids were banned from working in Malaysia, the Labour Ministry said it was finalising a long-delayed plan to lift the restriction. Some parts of the deal were still under discussion at that time. Despite the ban, Cambodians continue going to.. read more →

BANGKOK, 1st June 2017 (NNT) – As many as 14 million low-income earners have registered with the Ministry of Finance in a social welfare program designed to improve their lives. Finance Minister Apisak Tantivorawong said today the profiles of those registering with the program would be submitted to the Ministry of the Interior for verification… read more →

The way forward for the ASEAN community ASEAN needs a long-term vision to gradually augment internal strength by being more flexible in implementing the principle of non-interference as well as more open to democratic values and human rights. Hence, ASEAN must emphasise its strong core values and identity, high levels of political and strategic trust.. read more →