Professional bodies say enough Thais to meet local demand; Adul says govt is bound by 2001 Asean agreement. UNDER PRESSURE from domestic councils representing engineers, architects and accountants, the Labour Ministry will review a recommendation that the country open up skilled labour markets to engineers, architects and accountants from other countries as required under an.. read more →

The Lao government has increased the country’s monthly minimum wage from Kip 900,000 (US$108) to Kip 1,100,000 (US$132) with effect from May 1, 2018. An increase of 11 percent, the wage increase will apply to all businesses and factories established in the country. This is the third such raise in the last eight years. In.. read more →

Financial literacy programs should focus on educating migrants and their families. Globally, an estimated 266 million people live and work outside their countries of origin to seek opportunities provided by economic globalization. About one-third of them are from Asia and the Pacific. Asian migrant workers tend to be semi- or low-skilled. They usually migrate to countries such.. read more →

Unions from Asia and Jordan are guiding men and women migrant workers, preparing them through skills development and pre-departure programmes in origin countries and asserting their rights in destination countries, often as joint activities with other organizations. These steps and initiatives surfaced during the ILO training Trade Union Policy and Organising on Labour Migration in.. read more →

Government plans a cross-ministry approach to help spot fraud Vietnamese workers on a farm in central JapanTOKYO — With a chronic labor shortage making it increasingly important to bring in talent from abroad, Japan plans to revamp its system for keeping track of its foreign workforce to better spot fraud by employers and improve immigration.. read more →