Is labour mobility enough? While promoting a “people-centred, people-oriented” and resilient community, the ASEAN integration only relies on a “free” flow of skilled labour through Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRAs), ASEAN Qualification Reference Framework (AQRF), and ASEAN Agreement on Movement of Natural Persons (MNP). The eight professions covered under MRAs merely involve less than two per.. read more →

Competition for infrastructure financing is heating up in Asia. China is investing billions in mega-infrastructure projects under President Xi’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) as well as designing new financing mechanisms beyond the Bretton Woods institutions. Against this backdrop, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) now faces the challenge of reforming itself and remaining competitive as.. read more →

Malaysia released guidelines on useful laws and practices related to the employment of foreign domestic workers (FDWs). The guidelines were adopted in consultation with Malaysian employers and a team of advisors in a collaboration project between the International Labour Organization and the Malaysian Ministry of Human Resources. The guidebook underlines giving priority to welfare, rights.. read more →

Illegal migration is rife in Southeast Asia and it’s big business for people smugglers who ruthlessly exploit the region’s porous borders. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime estimates that more than 80 per cent of people who’ve slipped across borders in the region have done so with the aid of smugglers. The trade.. read more →

Criticized globally for its treatment of migrant workers, the United Arab Emirates is on track to improve conditions for domestic staff with a proposed new law praised by human rights organizations on Thursday. A new bill, passed by the Federal National Council on May 31 and now awaiting presidential approval, will give domestic workers 30.. read more →