The General Council of the ASEAN Trade Union Council (ATUC) adopted six broad action programmes for the next five years: social dialogue and stronger engagement with ASEAN; trade and investment agreements as tools for fair globalization; labour migration and fair treatment of migrant workers; women, youth and precarious work; stronger social protection systems; and decent.. read more →

Most of the discussion about the future of work focuses on how many jobs robots will take from humans. But this is just a (small) part of the change to come. As we explained in our previous blog, technology is reshaping the world of work not only by automating production but also by facilitating connectivity.. read more →

HÀ NỘI —  Nguyễn Thiện Nhân, Chairman of the Fatherland Front Central Committee, has urged the Việt Nam General Confederation of Labour (VGCL) to better protect the interest of workers ahead of pressures from upcoming free trade agreements. The VGCL should forecast and confront challenges that may face workers during the integration process, and it should organize.. read more →

The ASEAN Confederation of Employers (ACE) and the ASEAN Trade Union Council (ATUC) identified mutual recognition of skills for medium and low-skilled workers, social protection for migrant workers, ethical recruitment and protection of migrant workers throughout the migration cycle as priority for joint actions during the first ACE-ATUC dialogue on 8-9 March 2016 in Bangkok,.. read more →

JAKARTA • Last December, Asean launched its own Asean Community. Tariffs and non-tariff barriers between the 10 member countries have been gradually reduced. Investors and Asean nationals have been promised freer flow of goods, services, investment capital and skilled labour. (But) there are several disconnects between Asean’s aspirations and reality. Only skilled labour migration is.. read more →