MIGRANT workers in Thailand should not be criminalised for reporting abuse and exploitation, a rights watchdog told the Junta government on Wednesday, urging the abolition of the kingdom’s criminal defamation law. Human Rights Watch (HRW), responding to the criminal defamation case against 14 Burmese migrant workers who accused their employer of violating their labour rights,.. read more →

Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday urged garment workers to improve their productivity in order to prevent factories from closing shop and moving to such countries as Laos, Bangladesh and Myanmar, all of which have lower minimum wages. His comments came during a graduation ceremony at the National Technical Training Institute, where he also pointed out.. read more →

When the cost of labour started to rise in China a few years ago, many manufacturers thought it would be a smart move to decamp to smaller Southeast Asian countries such as Cambodia where wages were a lot lower and the pro-business government made it easy for them to set up shop. Many Cambodian workers.. read more →

Illnesses contracted in factories in Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand ‘ignored and unreported’ Millions of Asian people are contracting fatal diseases at work but their suffering is ignored, unreported and uncompensated, according to a new report by a labour rights group. read more →

2012 Feb 22
February 22, 2012

Cambodia’s fainting workers

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Cambodia’s garment industry represents 90 percent of the country’s exports and employs more than 300,000 workers by some estimates. It survived the 2008 global financial crisis, although job losses were registered across all special economic zones. But despite its vital contribution to the local economy, the garment sector has been facing criticism that it has.. read more →